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Finding Work You Love

By February 8, 2019 No Comments

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Love is in the air and on our minds. Passion is one of the features of human life that makes life worth living. Those who get to experience passion in their work as well as in their personal lives are doubly lucky. If you love what you do, then work life is as sweet as a rose.

This raises a key question: how does you find work you love? How does one choose a career or find a business that you are passionate about? These are big questions and there is no single way to answer them. Unfortunately, in this modern world, finding a career you love can be as hard as finding your soulmate. But it does not have to be that difficult, and with a bit of help and guidance, most people can eventually find something they love to do and turn it into a business.

One place to start looking for clues to discover your dream job is in your own personality. For instance, I have always been a very type A personality who loved order and process. As a child, I was drawn to math and science for just those reasons. I appreciated the structure and process it provided. There was no ambiguity, and it possessed a discrete line of thought and methodology. I later translated that into a major which embodied those things and obtained my B.S. in Industrial & systems, which further expanded upon those principle by offering in depth knowledge and training in process analysis and continuous improvement, two concepts that have shaped my career. As a natural problem solver, I wanted to continue that trend in my career and saw consulting as an area where I could combine all these skills and elements I love.

I chose consulting because it fit my personality and skills. If you can identify a few key personality traits and skills that you love and focus on building on them the way I did, then doors will begin to open in the business world. The options are nearly endless. For instance, an extroverted person with a knack for mediating client conversations would make a great team manager, while an adventurous person could start a successful tourism company. It all comes back to you and what you love.

For some of us, a third party advisor is helpful. After all, it can be very difficult to view yourself objectively and come up with a realistic assessment of your skills and proclivities. You might think that you are a visionary leader, but your colleagues might not be so sure even if they politely agree. The problem is that not only do we have a hard time evaluating ourselves, but so do other people, and without a realistic understanding of where your skills and passions lie, it is sometimes difficult to translate your self-concept into a business life that you love. To make things even tougher, not everyone has a mentor or trusted third party observer to turn to for advice.

Thankfully, Precise Process Consulting offers strategic consulting and executive coaching on transitioning into key positions and advancing your leadership set. We will work with you to assess your skills and passions, uncover areas for improvement and growth, and then evaluate your potential for advancement in the areas that you find most rewarding. As a trusted, third party observer, Precise Process Consulting can give you the insight you need to launch the business of your dreams or make the leap into the leadership role you have been looking for.

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