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My Work from Home Evolution

By March 26, 2020 No Comments
Work from home office overhaul with fresh paint, new flooring, furniture, and pretty accents. Courtesy of Five Star Paintings

My work from home office masterpiece designed and created by Five Star Painting of Pearland

As a career consultant, I never actually had an office or even a cubicle of my own. Because most of my work was performed at a client site, I was a nomad tasked to work from wherever, whenever while  happily sitting in any corner the client could find for me.  As my career has progressed and I went  from the Big 4 to a company of my own, I have had to adapt a new working  style that best suits me.

I am a millennial, and I have always loved the work from home model. I have enjoyed being able to have this flexibility from the very start of my career. Starting out, my work from home would typically only include Fridays, with me traveling and being onsite with the client Mon-Thurs. Because Friday tended to be a lighter workday, it wasn’t as critical to have a designated work space.

However, as my career has progressed and my work from home model has changed, I have found myself on a bit of an evolution. I now primarily work from my home office with bi-monthly travel to my client sites as needed. Due to the change in how much time I spend at  home, I have had to shift the way I work.

Today, I want to share how my work from home model has shifted over the past decade, and provide tools and recommendations for how you can leverage a remote work style best suited for you:

1. Create a Designated Space- The #1 thing you can do for yourself to enable a productive work from home model is to carve out a designated space to perform your work. Set up a space to accommodate you and stick to working in this area. It doesn’t have to be big, but it does need to be your own.

2. Separate Work from Personal- Once you have your work space carved out, you have to separate your work zone from your personal zone. Remove and/or disengage from personal,fun details in your work space- such as TVs or Radios. This is a mental trick to reprogram your mind into saying that this portion of your home is for work and not play.

3. Design an Environment you Love- I believe in doing something you love and surrounding yourself in an environment that encourages/speaks to that passion. As a result, your work space shouldn’t just be practical, it should be enjoyable. I like to incorporate things in my home office that make me happy and comfortable. . For me, this consists of a complete office overhaul with fresh paint, new flooring, furniture, and pretty accents. But your environment doesn’t have to be elaborate, it just needs to be a place you love and are happy to be at. One of my favorite yet small details is an essential oil diffuser that I use to create energizing scents for my workday. The smell of sweet orange and lemongrass keeps me inspired and happy throughout my workday.

4. Get the Tools- I believe a lot of remote work fails due to the lack of access to or knowledge of the proper tools needed. Your home office should be an extension of your corporate office. This means, investing in a good laptop, having a mouse or extra monitor if it makes  you more productive. This also  includes familiarizing yourself with the latest online work tools to communicate with your coworkers or clients such as Slack, Zoom, MS Teams or Box. The key is to be able to use these tools to collaborate seamlessly. Also, upgrade your wi-fi, it’s a must for today’s fast-paced work environment. 

5. Maintain Structure- While it’s tempting to deviate from your set routine while working from home-DON’T. This, I’ve found is critical to your success. Treat remote work just like you would onsite. Set a schedule and follow it. Don’t be tempted by the home aspects and try to engage while lounging on the couch or cooking breakfast. Your work will suffer, and you will find it infinitely harder to focus. I work solely from my home office during the day and even operate with a set lunch break similar to when I’m onsite. This helps tremendously with productivity

Now more than ever, we are shifting to a remote work model. In order to get the best out of your work from home experience, invest in creating a productive workspace that you love and find inspiring. Embrace the online collaboration tools; they aren’t going away and can provide amazing ways to connect with your coworkers from anywhere.

If you or your team are struggling to adjust from a more remote work culture- don’t panic! There are tools and people out there to help.

Precise Process Consulting is providing a 30-minute consultation session to coach teams through the remote work shift. Let us know how we can assist you during this time!

My work from home office created & designed by Five Star Painting of Pearland