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New Year… Same Problems? Top 3 Bad Business Habits to Break in the New Year

By January 9, 2020 4 Comments

January is a month of goals and resolutions, but just because the clock strikes 12, doesn’t mean all of our bad habits disappear. Unfortunately, the same issues from 2019 can continue to haunt you without proper change management. I want to kick off the year by detailing some of the nastiest work habits to break, and outline how to successfully make these changes in 2020.

1. Overworked and Under-planned

2. Devil is in the Details

3. Meetings Meetings Everywhere

Overworked and Under-planned. You’ve heard the saying, “measure twice and cut once.” Well in the world of corporate America, an ounce of planning can save a ton in time. As a professional consultant for large scale system implementations, the planning phase is often the most important yet most overlooked portion of the project. To break this bad habit, practice the art of organization. As a general rule of thumb any project, meeting or initiative should start with an outline or goals. From there, it’s as simple as breaking these goals down into actionable items and assigning owners and due dates. Maintaining clear structure and processes will assist in keeping tasks in check and preventing burn-out in the new year.

Devil is in the Details. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and start making mistakes as things become hectic. But typically, these are the situations that require the most attention to detail. A few easy tricks for improving your attention to detail and coming off as an office superstar include:

  • Always get an extra set of eyes– for important documents, emails or presentations, seek an extra review by a peer or mentor. Not only will you benefit from any feedback but they can catch any errors or mistakes you may have missed
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel– leverage people with prior experience, templates and scripts whenever possible, and improve upon these by customizing them to your needs

Meetings Meetings Everywhere. One of the biggest time waste employees complain about is too many meetings. Organizations that rely on holding meetings as a means of getting basic communication or work tasks accomplished are indicative of a broken system. In order to prevent meeting burnout and leave your gatherings accomplished and clear, check out one of our Top 3’s on meetings below.

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