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Founded in 2017, Precise Process Consulting is a full-service boutique consulting firm specializing in providing Change Management, Process Improvement, Project Management and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consulting.

Precise Process Consulting operates under the banner of “Big 4 Expertise, Boutique Firm Pricing” as we offer seasoned consultants with incredbile experience for more flexible rates and engagements. Our firm operates under the belief that no project is too small or process too complex for us. Due to PPC’s adaptable business model and scalable organization, we are able to quicly and effeciently adjust to the needs of our clients and offer competitive rates with exceptional consultants.

PPC is rooted in the belief that every client and project is unique, and our solution should be too. Because of this, our firm has created a customized approach that addresses the people, process and technology challenges that organizations face when undergoing a major change. This dynamic 360 approach ensures that our client’s initiatives have the greatest chance of sucess and sustainability.

We proudly offer experienced consultants and deep expertise to create an impactful and educational project journey.


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