Project Types

Systems Implementation
  • End User Training on new system
  • Custom Communication & Engagement Plans
  • Robust Change Impact Assessments & Updates
  • Design detailed Process Maps of current business ops & assist in mapping the future state
  • Architect a continuous improvement plan on how to streamline processes within the new system
Organizational Restructurings
  • Develop operating model & organization design guiding principles
  • Create detailed governance structure & reporting line for new org structure
  • Design a clear communications process to inform & guide employees
  • Perform leadership alignment on org structure & define implementation plan
  • Provide deep insight on industry best practices & appropriate business modeling
Workforce Transitions
  • Create core capability framework to assess required employee skill sets
  • Develop structured scorecards/evaluation metrics to determine appropriate retained workforce
  • Assemble detailed onboarding & termination packages for employees
  • Outline workforce transition timeline for a structured phase approach
  • Create comprehensive job profiles for roles & map employees accordingly
Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Provide integrations planning
  • Conduct As-Is assessments of infrastructure, applications, interfaces and staffing
  • Clearly define synergy objectives & define risks
  • Structure business process assessments & workforce streaming
  • Outline required corporate communications and employee interface best practices throughout transition

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