Our Value Statement

  • Highly Skilled Resources

    Our consultants include the best and brightest seasoned professionals looking for more flexibility in their roles & career.

  • Competitive Pricing

    PPC has limited overhead and a nimble workforce that results in prices that are typically 20-50% less expensive than our competitors.

  • Proven Track Record

    PPC has a 100% success rate for delivering on-time and within budget. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly and effectively pivot

  • Adaptable & Scalable

    We specialize in providing a customized approach that increases success and decreases waste. Each project is unique.

  • Change Fluent

    Our consultants are Change experts, skilled at working in a fast-paced and often shifting project environment.

  • Diverse Experiences

    The workforce has become increasingly global, and so should your consulting be also. We have a diverse group of consultants.

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